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Audi Club Northwest 2020 Board Election

Audi Club NA - Northwest Chapter

Sep 8, 2020 - Sep 22, 2020

The current terms of three (3) Board of Trustee positions expire at the end of the QuattroFest event in November 2020. Audi Club Northwest Bylaws require that all candidates for open positions stand for election by the membership prior to the end of August each year. 

We have three (3) declared candidates for these positions, whose Candidate Statements appear below. Please review them prior to voting.

Make sure you cast your votes by selecting the candidate(s) who you want to manage the club’s business and represent you for the next two years.  You do not have to vote yes or no for all of the candidates. You may select up to three (3) names.

Please contact Todd Peach ( if any issues come up.  Your membership information is being validated by the system in the background.  If your data is out of synch or has been recently updated, the system may block you from voting. Contact us if this happens; we want to fix any issues so everyone eligible to vote can vote. We will find a way around any system issues.

Your vote is private and secure.  No Audi Club Northwest or Audi Club North America personnel can see or request to see individual voting data. The results are independently certified by MotorsportReg/Pukka Software management and reported to the Audi Club Northwest Board.

Thank you for being a member and participating in Audi Club Northwest!

(Alphabetized by last name. Vote for three total.)

1.  Pat Martin (Member 9373)

I have had the fantastic opportunity to spend time with many Audi Club Northwest members over the 20+ years I have been an ACNW member.  Lifelong relationships have been established and I have had some unforgettable experiences.  I have served on the ACNW board several times throughout the years and have found it to be a fun experience filled with personal growth and the satisfaction of seeing the club grow and thrive as a result of the dedication of volunteers who make the club operate.

This past year has been tough due to Covid but I am proud of my fellow members who stood up and created new systems and procedures to allow the club to operate in this environment.  These challenges are going to continue for a bit, and I will do my best to help things head in the right direction.  We have a good team in place and while we can always use more hands we have enough people for the club to continue on a good path.

I want to make it part of my mission in 2021 and beyond to help encourage more social drives and lower key events that keep everyone who is not just interested in the track interested in remaining a member.  This has been a tough nut for us to crack I will be encouraging members to create some new and interesting social events for 2021 and beyond.

I would appreciate your vote and hope that you all become involved in whatever way you can.

- Pat Martin

2.  Jared Schoening (Member 43053)

It was January 2010 when I made my first leap into the world of Audi. I still can't say enough about that 2008 RS4...the way it drove, the way it sounded, the way only those who knew, knew what it was. That car wasn't only special to drive and own, but it opened up the door to the Audi Club and this community that I never knew existed or that I was missing out on!

I quickly made some "Audi-dork" friends via the Audi forums and before I knew it, I was baking headlights and making "piggy pipes" in a Club member's garage and attending the Mary Hill Loops tour. Fast forward, after another Mary Hill event, and I was at the track for the first time; Quattrofest 2011 at PIR. While I've been interested in cars for as long as I can remember, that's the moment when it really happened. When I realized (or possibly confirmed?) that driving a car on the track was something I really loved doing. Little did I know then that 10 years after first joining the Club, I'd have attended around 50 events, discovered a passion for being an Instructor (since 2014), or that I would have formed such amazing friendships with those I'd met in the Club.

Over the last several years I've worked behind the scenes to assist with the general marketing needs of the Club. Whether writing event copy and emails or creating the Facebook Page and helping to moderate the Facebook Group, I've been supporting the Club when and where I could. I've also shared an opinion or two with the board on how I believed we could do things better or differently. All of that to say that I care about the Club and have already made a commitment to it beyond merely showing up at the track on Saturday mornings.

So here we are, 3/4 of the way through 2020 (hell of a year, am I right?!) and someone you may not know is asking for your vote in an election. No, not the election, but this other one where all of the candidates are qualified and no one needs a fact checker! As a member of the Board I'd have the opportunity to bring an alternate viewpoint to the table (an Oregonian only seems appropriate!) and work to partner with fellow members to continue to make our Club one of the most fun and well run in the country.

It would be an honor to take my commitment to the Club to the next level and be a part of the Audi Club Northwest Board. And I vow to do my part to bring dessert back to the track day lunches! Thank you in advance for your vote.

- Jared Schoening

3.  Anya Zolotarova (Member 41530)

I'd like to nominate myself on the board.

I first drove with the Audi club at Quatrofest 2019 at PIR. It was my first ever experience on track and 2 days of training and guidance from experienced and knowledgeable instructors gave me the confidence to keep on going and improving my skills. Since then I have joined the board monthly meetings and care about the community, making the club more diverse, inclusive and provide the support needed to keep it safe and fun.

I have over 15 years of professional experience: 10+ years of program management experience, 7 years of procurement experience, contract negotiations, 3 years of building data centers, and various other skills. I also own and run a small tile installation business in the Seattle area for which I have created a website, and do all the logistics, accounting, etc.

I'd love to represent the board given the opportunity. Thanks in advance for the consideration.

- Anya Zolotarova


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