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ACNW Verloren Gehen '21

Audi Club NA - Northwest Chapter

Saturday, Apr 10 — Sunday, Apr 11, 2021

Oregon Raceway Park, Grass Valley, OR

We get a lot of questions about how we process registrations and our waitlist. We wanted to share some more detail about what's happening behind the scenes. We strive to be transparent with how we confirm people to our events, but we'll be the first to admit, it's not as simple a process as you might think. Ensuring people have the right experience and are set up for a safe and awesome event means we need to validate that everyone has the right pre-requisites and prior experience, both with our clubs and with others.

Here's the basic flow for how we process registrations:

  • When you first signup and click submit, your registration status will initially be Waitlist New. This means you are ready for our registrars to review your information and validate we have all of the required inputs for our assignments team, Event Master, and Chief Driving Instructor. 
  • As we review your registration, your status might change to On Hold, which means that something is missing or we have a question. We'll reach out if we need info from your end -- look for our emails in your inbox. 
  • Most commonly, once we have all the required info and have validated that your registration is ready to go, we will update your status to Waitlist Confirmed. At this point we are ready to confirm you into the event, but we are waiting an available slot to do so. It could because we are currently at capacity, it could be that we are awaiting incremental instructor signups to admit additional students.
  • Finally, when it all lines up, we will flip you to Confirmed and you officially are admitted to the event. At some point after we flip you to Confirmed we will charge the payment instrument you signed up with. We process payments in batches and so it could be anytime from right after we flip you to a few days later. 
  • One callout: we confirm different skill levels of drivers at their own pace. So, if it looks like some folks are flying through the process while you're still waiting, it's likely because we manage capacity down the cohort and run group level, and things happen at their own pace.

We encourage you to hang in there if you're on the waitlist! Most people who sign up around the time registration opens usually make it into the event. We even have some folks sneak in after signing up almost embarassingly late (not a great strategy!). It all depends on who signs up when and how the variables that govern matching capacity and interested drivers play out. 

We'd love your feedback on how we're doing at managing this process. Moreover, if you have any questions at all please contact the Registrar Team at

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